Costs Of Living In Another Country – Things To Consider.

Costs Of Living In Another Country – Things To Consider.

If you are thinking about moving overseas, there is lots to consider, but have you thought about how much it will cost to live in the country you have chosen? You may have been offered a new job and a higher salary, but how far will your money go when you are living overseas?

Things to consider when moving to another country:

Cost Of Healthcare

Healthcare should be considered as a priority, when moving overseas. Many countries do not have a state state healthcare system, so you should always make sure that either you can afford to pay for any treatments if needed, or that you have appropriate healthcare cover, either in the form of personal insurance cover or cover from your employer as part of a package.

Cost Of Property (Rental Or Purchase)

Your house is probably the biggest outgoing from your wage, so it is essential that you are aware of property or house rental prices in the country you are moving to. Research property online and check out areas recommended in expat forums to find a property that you can afford in an area that you will be happy in. As with everything, do your homework, and do not make payments online to rent or buy a property unless you are 100% certain that the person you are paying is legitimate.

Cost Of Travel/Fuel

Consider how much it costs to get around. How far do you have to commute? How much does a train ticket cost from the areas you are considering moving, to your work, or how much does a tank of fuel cost. Do your numbers and look at individual costs, as these will help you look at the bigger picture to see how your new life might compare against your old one.


Check out utility costs online in the country you are moving to and look at these on top of your rent/mortgage costs. You may have low rent but your utility costs such as gas, electricity and water may be through the roof, so don’t overlook these when you are doing your numbers.

Cost Of Food & Drink

Compare food and drink prices by visiting expat websites, Here you can get an overview of what specific items may cost. You can compare these prices to your weekly shopping list, to create a simple forecast of what your weekly shop may cost in a new country. Some things may work out cheaper in other countries and other things that you are used to may be considerably more expensive due to import costs, so it is essential to get an idea of your general food and drink costs in advance of your move.

What Next?

There are several websites that you can use to get a full breakdown of costs in other countries so that you can check prices against prices at home. Do your homework and make sure you can afford to live comfortably on your salary in a new country before you make the big move.

Make a list of all your income and outgoings that you are currently paying, and find comparable rates by using an expat website such as This will help you create a simple comparison sheet so you can look at all the individual costs, and establish if you will be better off living in a new country.

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