I Am A Home Mover

Who Can Get Quotes?

Our services are available to anyone, but our main users are typically house movers and all of the services we offer are targeted at this market, such as removal company quotes, property solicitor quotes, financial advisor quotes, estate agent quotes and many more.

How Can I Get Quotes?

Getting quotes is easy.Just select the service you want to compare quotes on by using the drop down on our homepage. You will then be taken to a a form where you will be asked to tell us what you are looking for. Submit the form and we will match you to service providers in your location who will contact you to offer free no obligation quotes so you can compare prices before you book.e.

What Happens When I Request A Quote?

When you submit a quote request we will match you to companies in your area who are registered on our system. Our service providers register to receive client requests from specific locations, so if your details match, we will connect you together.

What Are The Benefits Of Comparing Quotes?

By requesting quotes on movingquotecompare.com you are able to find out what multiple providers in your area will charge for the service you need. This allows you to compare prices in advance. By using us you only need to fill out one form and we will match you to suitable companies saving you time and money.

I Am A Service Provider

How Do I Register As A Service Provider?

You can register as a service provider via the link in our top menu. Then select what service you want to provide and complete the short registration form to register with us. Tell us what services you can provide and the location and max distance you are prepared to work and we will match you to leads we recieve using this information.

How Do I Find Jobs?

Once you have registered your business you will have a username and password that will allow you to login to the members area. In this area you can manage your account, view jobs that are available and buy leads. Payments for leads are made via Paypal via the paypal button next to each job in your members area. Please note: only basic information from the lead is provided in the members area. The full lead details including contact information are only released when payment has been made.

What Happens When I Buy A Lead?

Once you have selected a lead and made payment, the full lead details including contact information are emailed to you allowing you to contact the customer to discuss their requirement and offer a quotation.