Furnish Your Property On A Budget.

Furnish Your Property On A Budget.

Moving into a new house is an expensive business when you add up all the associated costs such as solicitors, stamp duty, deposits, and removal companies. The list really does go on and on.  Once you have paid all of these things, you also need to look at furnishing your property. If you are a first time buyer funds may be a little tight and you still need to furnish your house.  Check out our guide to furnishing your house for less.


Freecycle is a great website that has local groups in your area.  On Freecycle you can find a range of goods including furniture and appliances that people are giving away completely free.  You can actually pick up some really good items  that will get you on your feet in your new home.


Freebies from friends and family is always a great way to get your hands on furniture for your new house. Post a message on facebook or twitter or send a group text telling people that you are moving into a new house and that you are looking for furniture and household goods. You never know what goods may be available and friends and family are always willing to help where they can.  Also if you can take something off their hands, you may also be doing them a favour so it’s a win-win.


Gumtree is a great place to pick up a bargain, but you can also find freebies on here too.  Even if something is not offered for free, the owner may just want to get rid if it is an item that is in the way such as a sofa. It may even cost them money to move it, so be cheeky and ask for items for free. Explain you are moving into a new house with a limited budget and that if they do not manage to sell the item, them you will take it off their hands.

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