Make More of Your Outside Space

Make More of Your Outside Space

Our affinity with nature is reflected in the maintenance of our outdoor spaces. Home buyers claim patios and front porches were indispensable in a house and yet we hardly seem to properly use our patios, decks and porches. Although it can be a struggle to keep a small patch of garden or balcony in top shape, these tips would turn your little nook of land in to a haven for respite:

1) Incorporate as much greenery and structure into the garden as possible first. You can always add vibrant flowers later. If you are a tenant and not willing to spend a fortune on plantations you can’t enjoy for long, consider pots you can plant up and take with you when you move. Pots of myriad colours and sizes can be creatively arranged to transform a dull space in to a verdant rainforest. Choose low maintenance border plants if you can’t squander time weeding and pruning all the time. Window boxes with scented flowers would also help to brighten up the appearance of your property.

2) Height creates the illusion of extra space so invest in climbing plants, such as trellis and climbing shrubs. However, too many elements can overwhelm a small space so keep the colour palette streamlined to maintain balance.

3) Cut back overgrown bushes, hanging branches of trees, and wild shrubs as they can suffocate the surrounding foliage and make your outside space appear small. If the garden is allowed to grow, it would be costly to rectify. Keep an eye on Ivy, as it spreads rapidly, clogs drains and climbs walls, affecting the plants in its vicinity.

4) Factor in the comfortable element in to the equation when you step outside. Make sure your outdoor space is as cushiony as the indoors. Outdoor cushions and seating of today aren’t the plastic fabricated, sweat-inducing pillows of the past. Plus, they can handle a downpour and spring back once they dry. To glean some privacy from the prying eyes of the passersby, you can create a natural screen by shrubs, bushes, and even bamboo reeds, or purchase one from your home improvement store.

5) Choosing the right outdoor furniture can turn a redundant space in to the seamless extension of your house. A small round coffee table and a couple of chairs suffice for a small place, while you can incorporate a sweet picnic table and outdoor sofas to host parties in large gardens.

6) When the sun bids adieu, don’t grope your way around. Invest in ample outdoor lighting to augment the aesthetic appeal of your property, as well as up your home’s marketability. You can use lights to enhance tress, architectural details of the house and other focal points, or use sconces and pendant lights to make hosting entertaining parties and barbeques outside easier. Illuminate rails, steps and walkway with solar penal lights and hand a couple of fairy light to wash your home in a warm glow.

These are some ways you can make the most of your outside space.

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