Moving Checklist 2018-02-20T07:20:39+00:00


We have put together a few additional things you may need as services on to make things a little easier for you.

1. If you have not already done so, start looking at your removals costs. 2018-02-15T10:43:13+00:00

If you are not fortunate enough to have an army of friends and family to help on the day of your move, we have hundreds of movers who can offer free quotes to meet any budget. Just select removal quotes and enter the details of your move via the short form. You will then receive quotes that you can consider, and there is no obligation to book.

2. Have you arranged for connection of your gas and electricity supply, or looked at what offers are available in the location of your new home? 2018-02-15T10:43:31+00:00

We have joined with a leading utility search website so you can enter a few details and compare deals to see where you can save the most money. Every penny counts when moving home, so take a few minutes to see what you can save and save yourself a job on the day of the move.

3. Have you arranged for connection of your broadband and phone at your new address? 2018-02-15T10:43:51+00:00

If you already have broadband and phone in your old address you will want to arrange connection to your new address so that you have access to your service as soon as you move. For this contact your current supplier and advise them of your change of address. Alternatively, there are lots of great offers out there for new customers, so if you do not currently have broadband or telephone arranged for your new address, check out our compare feature which can be found at the top of this page. Here we will show you all the latest deals on the market to help you find the best deal on broadband and phone for your budget.

4. Have you got moving boxes and packing materials for your move? 2018-02-15T10:44:11+00:00

There are lots of websites that sell moving boxes, so if your budget allows this is a good option. Ebay is also great and offers some good savings on moving boxes, many of these are used but are more than suitable for house moves. Just remember to get strong double walled boxes for items that need extra protection, and single walled boxes for things like clothes etc. As an alternative, if you dont fancy buying boxes, ask at your local shops and supermarkets for and spare boxes – most will be happy to help.

5. Have you arranged contents and home insurance? 2018-02-15T10:44:29+00:00

More than likely you have all your insurances arranged, but if not there are a number of websites that will allow you to compare prices and see what the best deals around are. If you have not already got this in place, then take a few minutes to see what you can save on home on contents insurance.