rent a property with no guarantor

Should I accept Housing Benefit When I rent Out My Property?

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I you own a property that you are planning on renting out; you may be considering who to rent too. It is wise to consider the type of tenant you want so you know how to market your property, what kind of furnishing is required, and how and when you will be paid. There are various [...]

Renting Out Your Property – Guide to Being A Landlord

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When dealing with property, you need to prepare yourself in order to generate greater returns on your investment. There are certain factors and techniques that have already been set out in order for you to be a great landlord, and this is one of the reasons why you need to understand there is a lot more [...]

How to Rent a Property with No Guarantor

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In the UK, a guarantor is required when you are planning to rent a property. However, if you don’t have a guarantor, you might be thinking that you cannot rent a home. This issue may seem as gravely worrying for many, yet the fact is there is a perfectly viable solution. The purpose of a guarantor [...]